Do’s and Don’ts of Garbage Disposal Practices

Do’s and Don’ts of Garbage Disposal Practices

Just because its a garbage, it does not necessarily mean that you can carelessly throw it away anywhere you want. You don’t need to read many articles about waste management in order to understand the perils of irresponsible garbage disposal. There are innumerable disadvantage that improper waste management can bring. You can attract animals if you dump your food outside or clog your drain if you try to dump it down the sink. There is no better way to prevent any undesirable results related to garbage disposals than to make things on the earlier end right. When you talk about garbage disposals, you may adopt some of the best practices that suit your lifestyle and location. You will find out the best garbage disposal practices as you continue reading this page.


  • Maintain cleanliness in your garbage disposal. As much as possible, wash and clean your garbage bins regularly using dish soap or any other cleaning solutions.
  • Regularly use the garbage disposal equipment. In this manner, you will be able to prevent corrosion and rust, thus assuring that every part of your tool keeps on functioning well.
  • Grind food wastes with cold water. Why does it have to be cold water? This is simply because cold water solidifies oils and grease. This way, such wastes can be easily chopped before they reach then trap and get into your unit.
  • Grind some hard materials in your garbage disposal unit. These materials include fruit pits, egg shells, fish bones, etc. By doing so, you are enabling your unit to have a scouring activity caused by the particles in the grinding chamber which then cleans the walls of your garbage disposal equipment.
  • Load up citrus fruits peelings in the grinding chamber and grind them for a couple of minutes. The citric acids in these fruits are powerful cleaning and deodorizing agents. Oranges and lemons will be able to reduce or even eliminate the foul smell in your garbage disposal unit.
  • Cut larger garbage items. Instead of putting large pieces onto your unit, you better chop them into smaller ones. In this manner, you will be able to prevent any obstructions and clogging in your equipment.


  • Do not pour in oils, fat, or grease into your unit. These substances will eventually accumulate and then impede the grinding capability of your garbage disposal equipment. Consequently drains may also get clogged.
  • Avoid grinding highly fibrous materials such as corn and coconut husks, onion skins, artichokes, celery stalks, and the likes. These fibrous materials are capable of tangling and jamming the motor of your garbage disposal unit as well as block its drain system.
  • Do not put in a lot of potato peels into the garbage disposal. Potatoes contain high amount of starchy composition, which may become a sort of paste. This will cause the sticking of your garbage disposal’s blades one the paste turns very thick.
  • Aside from these enumerations, there are still more to bear in mind so that your garbage disposal will be used the right way. Be guided by these suggestions and have the best garbage disposal practices at all times.

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