Maintaining Your Best Garbage Disposal

Maintaining Your Best Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are helpful tools for removing waste, particularly in the kitchen, such as food products. But sometimes food particles are trapped in nooks and crannies of the drainpipe and disposal. And this will therefore lead to the possible production of bacteria that will result in unpleasant odors and unhealthy spores.

At first, the odors could be unnoticeable. But this can change quickly. It only takes a few bits of food stuck in your disposal to begin to stink. And with that, cleaning your garbage disposal is advisable at least once a month. To ensure that you will be able to do this properly, you should follow the methods to keep the disposal free from nasty bacteria and harmful mold.

Safely Remove Lodged Objects from Your Garbage Disposal

Remove lodged objects physically before proceeding with the process of cleaning. Remember to turn the fuse off which supplies power to the unit. You can utilize tongs or pliers to remove the trapped object but be careful not to damage the grinder. If possible, avoid putting your hands into the garbage disposal. But if there is a need, you must consider checking or making sure that the grinder will not turn on.

Flush with Hot Water

Flush it with water. Flushing the garbage disposal with water could therefore help in terms of losing dirt. It would be advisable to use hot water compared to cold one since hot water can liquefy grease or oil into the drain. This is considered more effective than running the tap since it allows the garbage disposal to be cleaned.

Revitalize Your Garbage Disposal with Salt and Ice Cubes

Consider using cubes together with salt. One of the best ways of removing tougher debris and sludge from the garbage disposal is by grinding salt and ice cubes. You can try pouring two cups of ice into the garbage disposal and then follow it with a cup of rock salt. Do it by turning the garbage disposal on, then running it with cold water, and so allow salt and ice to be crushed by the blades. Alternatively, white vinegar and ice cubes could also be crushed into the garbage disposal. In addition, it could sharpen the blades and remove unwanted odors from your best garbage disposal.

Scrub Garbage Disposal As needed

Scrubbing could be done with a scrub brush and an old toothbrush. It could as well be done manually. Once needed, you could consider removing the screen of the garbage disposal from the top of the drain to make cleaning faster and easier.

When cleaning your garbage disposal, it is important to consider the above-mentioned ways of maintaining it. Those can be your guide to properly and effectively cleaning your garbage disposal. This will surely lead to eliminating any unwanted odor.

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