Garbage Disposal: How Eliminating Odors and Maintenance

Garbage Disposal: How Eliminating Odors and Maintenance

Garbage Disposals require minimal maintenance, but there are a few tricks to making sure your disposal doesn’t clog or smell.

Consider the following tips or methods in eliminating odors from your garbage disposal:

  • Use fruit peels of citrus. One of the natural ways to freshen up your garbage disposal as well as ensure that your kitchen is smelling great is grinding citrus peels such as lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange. The peels have citric acid that is capable of cleaning the blades and will eliminate odors as well as leave nice citrus fragrance.
  • Baking soda and vinegar is also an option to eliminate odors from your garbage disposal. First, pour baking soda and follow it with white vinegar. There will be fizzling and bubbling. After some minutes, rinse it with boiling or very hot water while the disposal is running.
  • Bleach is considered the most effective options in terms of killing germs and will freshen up the drain quickly. But also do not use too much amount of it since it could harden the grease leading to difficult removal. Also, you should clean your sink with sop after using bleach down your drain. Bleach can be extremely harmful if ingested, so it’s a good idea to make sure there’s as little of it in your kitchen as possible.
  • Borax is considered a natural and safe cleaning product that will clean a disposal effectively. It also helps with any odors coming from your garbage disposal.

Through following the above mentioned tips on how to eliminate odors from your garbage disposal you can clean up that stinky mess; however, it’s a much better plan to clean it before it smells. A clean garbage disposal works better…well, relatively clean. Here are the ways or tips on how to maintain your garbage disposal:

  • Remember to put only biodegradable food items into the garbage disposal. Avoid putting something that is not considered biodegradable. Remember that garbage disposals differ from trash cans. If you are only to use garbage disposal for biodegradable items then it would lead to minimal damage as well as cut down. Some among the things that must not be considered putting inside the best garbage disposal could include fibrous materials like artichokes, celery stalks, corn husks and onion skins that might get tangled into the motor of the unit. Starchy materials also such as potato peels that might cause the blades of the unit to stick. Expandable food as well such as pasta or rice for these might expand into the water and might clog into the drains. Coffee grinds could as well cause clogging of the drains.
  • Every time you are using the garbage disposal, consider making it run for longer periods of time. Many turn off their garbage disposal within a short period of usage but that should not be the case. It is advisable to use it longer in order for those small particles inside the disposal to be cleared away.
  • Remember to avoid your drain to get grease. It would not be a good idea if you are to pour oils, fats or grease into the appliance for these might accumulate inside the unit therefore leading to slowing down of the motor and so the drain could be clogged. Consider wiping off of the grease from roasting tins and pans through the use of paper towel prior to rinsing it.
  • Large food items must be cut down into smaller pieces in order for it not to be stuck inside the garbage disposal. This could be true in terms of vegetables and fruits or anything that might result for garbage disposal to have hard time in terms of processing.

Those are the methods in helping you maintain the cleanliness of your garbage disposal and avoid any foul odors. If you are capable of maintaining your disposal unit then it will definitely lead to better performance.

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